No one wants to be unhappy. You unintentionally do things that make you stressed though. You would stop if you knew your mistakes and how they influence your well-being. Luckily, you can recognize these five misery-making habits and increase personal joy.

1. Rumination

Most people brood about problems that make them unhappy and don’t consider bliss. Uplifting thoughts make you feel great. Going over worries does the opposite. The more you entertain concerns, the lower your emotions plummet. Worrying has no benefits; it just makes you ill.

Since worrying doesn’t fix anything, why not give it up? When unwanted thoughts arise, silently shout “out!” Send them packing and replace them with happy thoughts or calm. If you can’t summon an enjoyable topic, focus on improving physical comfort. As a result, you’ll no longer be unhappy.

2. Focusing on what you haven’t got

Why are you more aware of what you haven’t got, compared to what you have? At some stage, what you have now was on your mind; you longed for it, but when you got it, your thoughts shifted. Suddenly, there was something else you felt you needed and got, and then your mind moved again. Constant craving makes you unhappy.

People are rarely satisfied for long; their endless hankering means they are never happy. When you build appreciation for what you have, your heart swells with delight. You are grateful and glad to be alive. Instead of feeling unhappy, you radiate positivity. Choose to focus on gratitude and ditch craving.

3. Self-neglect

Neglect often comes under the guise of having fun. You’re having a good time when you get so drunk your head almost explodes the following day. You’re enjoying yourself when you eat greasy takeaway food seven nights in a row. You’re making the most of life when you indulge in whatever makes you sick later. You might also become unhappy when you lament, digging into painful memories night after night, or when you overwork and miss time with your family.

Balance is a keystone of happiness. Too much of anything equals mistreatment of the body or soul. Think about what you overdo in your life and the consequences it brings. Take better care of yourself by aiming for the harmony that comes from knowing when you’ve had enough.

4. Not de-stressing

Stress grows, but you don’t let it go. Consequently, it turns into unease, which transforms into a disease and sadness, which becomes misery. When you meet a painful emotion, you try to hide it from yourself, and it festers. Alternatively, you plunge straight into it until an unhappy you emerges.

The trick to letting stress go before it mounts is to acknowledge anxiety, accept it, and then self-soothe. When a negative emotion arises, don’t be ashamed or terrified; tell yourself “It’s alright to feel whatever I feel.”

Next, create a story about the situation that led to the emotion. Let the story refer to how you are learning about what you want rather than how unhappy you are. Focus on what the story teaches you. Finally, recognize your inner strength growing. You can also de-stress by dancing to upbeat music, walking among nature, and laughing until your sides hurt.

5. Forgetting to enjoy the little things

Little things like fresh cut grass, flowers, sunshine, and the smiles on the faces of people walking by should be positive mental fodder. However, when you’re busy, you might fail to notice them. There’s a lot on your mind, so you forget to let the good stuff move you. Not noticing them doesn’t exactly make you unhappy, but it allows your misery to continue. The small wonders around you have the power to alter your state of mind; you just have to see them.

Decide, from now on, you’ll not only recognize little uplifting things, but you’ll also dwell on them. Let the recognition of them sink in until you physically feel warmth or excitement stir.

You may have habits that increase, sustain, or allow misery to flow. However, recognize them, and you can change. Stop rumination eating you up, and focus on what you’ve got that makes you happy. De-stress and aim for balance rather than extreme behavior that makes you unhappy. Transform your emotions, and take pleasure in little things that make your heart glow.