In the busy rush of life, it can be so easy to develop habits that are just not good for you! So which of these apply to you? And how exactly are they ruining your health?In the busy rush of life, it can be so easy to develop habits that are just not good for you! So which of these apply to you? And how exactly are they ruining your health?

1. Lack of Sleep
When you sleep your brain begins to process everything you did or learnt during the day. Therefore by cutting this time short, you may start to develop memory problems. Lack of sleep not only impairs your alertness, it also reduces your concentration and problem solving abilities.

2. Stress
A little stress is good for you, but excessive stress is definitely not good. It can cause you headaches, neck aches and muscle spasms. As well as these physical strains, stress reduces the effectiveness of your immune system, making you more susceptible to frequent colds and rashes. Stress also impairs your cognitive abilities.

3. Sugar
Too much sugar in your diet suppresses your immune system and therefore increases your risk of infectious diseases as well as tooth decay. Also, excessive sugar consumption may also cause premature aging, obesity and may increase fat deposition on your liver. Also it is important to know that sugar is an addictive substance.

4. Smoking
Of course, the consequences of smoking on your health are well known but here’s a reminder. Apart from the development of lung cancer, smoking increases the chance of impotence in men and infertility in women. On top of this, smoking is associated with increased heart rate, blood pressure and poor circulation.

5. Overeating
The short term effects of overeating include fatigue and nausea. The better known long term effects may include weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

6. Lack of exercise
Lack of exercise has dramatic long term effects on your body. These include increased risk of cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and a weakened immune system. Exercise has also been linked to decreased dementia and Alzheimer’s in elderly people.

7. Skipping Breakfast
Breakfast is the main meal of the day as it gets your metabolism into gear right from the start. A consequence of skipping breakfast is overeating which may lead to obesity in the long run. It could also cause constipation, irregular and painful menses and it may lower your cognitive abilities.

8. Binge Drinking
Excessive amounts of alcohol consumption have drastic health implications. While increasing your risk of heart disease, it also vastly increases you risk of cancer especially those of the liver, mouth and breast. On top of this, alcohol alters the brain’s chemistry, making you more susceptible to depression.

9. Putting Off Visits to Your Doctor
Leaving health problems undiagnosed and untreated may have very serious consequences. A relatively small concern may develop into a life treating condition that may kill you. It is also advisable to get a full blood panel at least every two years.

10. Avoiding Fruits and Vegetables 
Due to the high vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables, avoiding them may significantly weaken your health. Vegetables do much more than we give them credit for.

Now that you have read through the possible consequences of these bad habits, be honest with yourself. How many of them applied to you? Making small changes to your lifestyle can assist you in breaking these habits, helping you safeguard your health.